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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Okay, so I didn't find a new wheel, bake cookies or change my attitude today. Duuurrrr.

Instead, I woke my bum up early and went to the church Advance today. They didn't want to call it a retreat, so they called it an Advance. Despite the funny name game, it actually was a day well spent.

I was witness to 7 people fighting, really and truly fighting to do God's work in their community. These people took the whole day out of their lives to talk about how to be better friends, caregivers, teachers, listeners and worshipers. It was awesome just to be among them. Just to take the time out of our busy existences to think about how we can do that, individually and collectively.

Then the Advance leader kept talking. And talking. And talking.

Just like any church retreat I've ever been a part of, there was a lot of good substance and a bunch of baloney all rolled up into one messy package. But I left that place with such hope for these two struggling congregations that I'm sharing with down here. And I left with a lot more hope in my own personal faith journey.

And it is still beautiful here! I am in love with March in Mississippi.

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Linda said...

hey, a couple things..
1) i'm glad you're safe. and i know the tire thing will get worked out
2)what kind of cookies will you bake??
3) i'm glad you're "advancing"
4)love you!