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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Jolly Inn to the Boom Boom Room

When you weekend is bookended by trips to the Jolly Inn for Cajun dancing and Ray's Boom Boom Room for a Saints party, you know you're not on the East Coast any more. I enjoyed a weekend of Southern Hospitality to which I can not find the right words to explain. Here are the highlights:

Fantastic Friday night dinner and fellowship with my housemates, Irvin (GCM leader) and Leroy (President of Mission Year). This was followed by a trip two hours south west to visit our friends at the PDA volunteer village in Houma, LA. We went Cajun dancing Friday night at the Jolly Inn and then enjoyed some quiet and rest in Houma on Saturday. Sunday morning, I went to church at First Pres in Luling, LA, where they are host to yet another PDA volunteer village. We hustled out of there in order to hit Ray's Boom Boom Room in the French Quarter for the Saints game.

It was the most fantastic football party I've ever been to, complete with a great crowd full of characters, free red beans and rice, free fried chicken, free grilled quail, free yams, free jello-shots and free cake. And they had a DJ blasting hip-hop music during the commercials. The whole joint was hoping the entire game. Too bad the Saints didn't pull out the win....but really, just being with that many excited people made the day a good one for me. I, unfortunately, forgot my camera, but my pal Emily remembered her camera! Check out her photos at: http://picasaweb.google.com/emilyhrhodes/SaintsGameAtRaySBoomBoomRoom.

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