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Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Thoughts from PJ's Cafe (11/13/06)

It is sunny and beautiful today.
I am sitting outside enjoying the day at PJ's- our favorite place to use the Internet. I say this and laugh because it is really the only place we use the Internet anymore. We haven't been able to get online at the church for going on three weeks. I am trying to be kind and patient and all of that jazz, but really I want to shake someone. Then I get mad at myself for being so dependent on the Internet and want to shake myself.
Work went well last week. I realized that there is no way that I will be able to effectively case manage every one of the homeowners the Presbytery works with down here, so I have got to get some help. I decided that volunteers that come down on work teams may be interested in visiting folks. Not everyone wants to hammer down shingles, right? So I started creating the paperwork and training materials needed to bring volunteers into the casework program. I tested it out on one of the volunteers and got some great feedback. I also rode along with two different contractors to learn more about the construction needs of our homeowners. Now, when I visit someone, I won't be giving them false hope- I can be honest in telling them whether or not we can help rebuild their home. Hurray for information and honesty.
I also had a fantastic visit with mom this week. She was working hard with her team each day, I was working hard with my job each day, but we had plenty of together time each evening. It was great to have her here to talk with and just to sit with. I feel so blessed.
Yesterday we had in impromptu babysitting session with the Castleman kids. They are sweet and smart and wonderful. It made me miss my munchkins. I can't wait to see some of them in just a few days.
I keep forgetting that I am going to Maryland in just a few days for Thanksgiving. I guess I should start to think about packing.
On this day, sitting in this chair, I don't feel as frustrated as I've been.
Maybe I should sit here more often....
The sun feels good......

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Linda said...

i'm am at this moment crouched in the corner of kerry's room "barrowing" wi-f ifrom the nieghbors!
i'm glad we're in this together, eventhough i've been reduced to stealing and hanging out in a smelly boy room!