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Sunday, November 05, 2006

By the numbers (11/5/06)

Another busy week....another fun weekend!
The quick highlights, by the numbers:

2- hours of artsy-fun spent wandering through the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, MS. (Yes this is my third festival in two months. We love festivals- they're free!)
372- mosquito bites acquired during ONE 10 minute walk along the Pearl river.
372- also the number of mosquito bits I gladly took on during that walk in order to spend time with my great friends/co-workers. (Thanks for playing host, Becca!)
44- times I was thankful that I don't live in a trailer, while spending quality time with the GCM crew in Becca's Pearling trailer this weekend.
2- tanks of gas purchased for my car this week that I can't really afford.
5- gas requests I received from strangers this week who can't afford anything.
172- thoughts of guilt over stressing about the gas situation, when really, I don't have anything to stress about compared with most of the people I meet down here every day.
97- mini-peanut-butter cups eaten, provided by 1 fabulous work team from Westchester, PA.
100- cookies that my dad sent this week (yum, yum!).
9- number of cookies already in tummy.
2- new, young and fun friends who expressed interest in joining Handsboro Presbyterian Church today!
1- shot of Jesus consumed in the form of blue gatorade since the volunteers drank all of the grape juice the church had intended to use for communion this morning.
3- hours spent ignoring the Redskins game since they loose every game I actually watch.
100,000,000+ thoughts and prayers for all of you! I love you and miss you all the time!

Final Note:
My mom arrives today with a work team from her church- Gaithersburg Presbyterian. Please pray that they all arrive today safely. I'll be spending the week living with them at the Orange Grove PDA camp, right down the road. I am so excited for mom to be here! I am sure we'll take lots of photos and update with lots of stories in the days to come.

Until then, peace and joy,

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Linda said...

i love your by the numbers!
did you forget though the number 1- number of roomies named linda who love you and are so glad you're here!