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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Casserole, My Casserole (10/26/06)

This week's casserole count is at .5. I thought we were at zero, which would be a momentous occasion and the reason why I started this post, but I was wrong.

We had "spaghetti pie" for dinner with the Episcopal church last night. I'm not sure why it was called a pie- I suppose the pie dish in which it was served provided the name- because it looked like a casserole. I mean, eating in layers, is eating in layers. So I am counting the spaghetti pie as half a casserole, since there was no mention of casserole in the name.

Also, in an effort to curb the effect the casseroles are having on my rear, I started the 2006-2007-move-that-thang-workout-plan today. Morning in Mississippi was welcomed with a bit of sweat. Let notice be served- the casseroles will not win!

Bring it!

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