I started this blog to keep my church, friends and family updated on my year volunteering in Katrina recovery with the Presbyterian Church (USA). I've now signed on for a second year working in disaster recovery and another year living in Mississippi. It's getting good....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Home Sick

I've been nursing a chest cold for several days now. Today it proved too tough to fight so I stayed home from work. I've now spent more hours than I can count in my trailer and here is what I learned:

---I still love HGTV. The House Hunters marathon made my day.
---My trailer couch is not comfortable enough for a 4 hour nap.
---I was one smart cookie for buying that space heater yesterday.
---I will not let Eddie try wet dog food again. The gas fumes are too dangerous.
---Sometimes I really should break down and take the medicine. Just take it!
---11 daytime hours in a trailer is really too much.


Linda said...

Hey, I'm so sorry you're sick!! I'll be praying for a speedy recovery!

bigD said...

I hope you feel better too. I've been thinking about you guys and gals lately. I miss the Gulf Coast. I was talking about my time there with a co-worker on Friday. It stirred alot of memories. That's what braught me to your blog.

You are all awesome!! I pray God gives you strength Erin. Keep up the good work! Everyone, be encouraged!!

Is there anything you need? I will bring it up in prayer. I'd like to send a care package or two. Is there anything that might help lift your spirits? I am here to help.