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Monday, January 14, 2008

Down and Up Again

Mical left the Coast today. He's the second of three great pals/co-workers who are moving on this month. It breaks my heart to see them go, but I know they've all got great adventures ahead of them. I've been missing Lauren something terrible since she left last week. And I am just bummed.

But two things really cheered me up today:

First, I spent the day in the office with our new Interim Volunteer Village Coordinator who was really kicking into gear. She just arrived last night and has already made a huge impact on our operations. It is so great to have a strong new set of hands on the team.

Then, I got home from work to find my two great pals, Dan and Kerry, building me a deck. It was dark, and getting late, but they had the glow of the truck headlights to keep working! I've been the only trailer in the Village without a deck since I moved in and my grassy, wet feet are sad about that every day. Dan and Kerry went out of their way to get me a deck today- TODAY- because they knew how bummed I've been. And that's not it. They did it in style. You see, most of the fellas we work with here spend weeks without shaving. Mical was famous for coming up with fun facial hair patterns. For months I've been begging one of them to rock the mustache alone! None would do it. Finally, last week, Kerry challenged Dan and I on it and asked me to grow a sharpie-'stache in exchange for Dan's real 'stache. Well, when I arrived home today, not only were they building the deck, but they were building while rocking their mustaches! I haven't laughed that hard in months. Dan looked horrible. Really creepy. You could hardly tell that Kerry had a 'stache, but the gesture was well worth it! Dan made me promise not to put the photos up on Facebook, but he said nothing about this blog, so here you go....

And yes, I did come through with my end of the deal. Here's me with a Sharpie-Stache:

Dan, Kerry- I love you, love you, love you!

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Linda said...

how well does a sharpie 'stache wash off??

and why didn't they accept the kind you draw on your finger??