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Friday, September 21, 2007

TD Ten

It was a beautiful sunny, busy, scary day.

The Mississippi sunset was perfect.

But Tropical Depression 10 was lurking just off-shore. We're still not sure what kind of weather we're in for tonight and tomorrow. We're grateful that it never strengthened to a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. But they ordered mandatory evacuations for people living in trailers and low-lying areas anyway. They opened shelters. They started the free busing of people without means to travel out of their trailers/homes. My friends strapped down my trailer. I strapped down pods. We obsessed over the NOAA website all day!

I was nervous. For me, for our camps, for our staff, for our pets, for our homeowners, for our neighbors, for friends who work for other agencies, for local officials, for all who began to prepare. Mostly, though, I was worried about all those who survived Katrina and all that they must be feeling today. I wasn't here when the big ones have hit. I can't know what they feel hearing the warnings and evacuations come over the news. It's scary.

May the wind be gentle, the rain be light, and the storm move quickly on by us.

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Linda said...

i'm praying for y'all!!