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Monday, December 04, 2006

December Already??

I can't believe it. Really! I know the stores have had their Christmas displays up for months, so I should have been more prepared for December, but I'm not. My roommates made me watch White Christmas last night. I didn't think it was time for holiday movies- not yet. But I guess it is time and I better accept it. December. Already.

Last week flew by. Partially because I was ridiculously homesick and partially because it was only a three day work week for me. On Friday we took off for a retreat with the entire Gulf Coast Mission crew.

Yep- all 15 volunteers and 4 program coordinators together for the first time since orientation. We went up to a lake resort in Louisville, Mississippi and spent the weekend in prayer, worship, fellowship, discussion and silence.

Here are a few photos my friend Emily took of the retreat:


The raging bonfire and the brave souls who attempted to roast marshmallows while also trying not to set their flesh aflame!

The survivors of the great marshmallow incident of 2006.

A cheesy Christmas card waiting to happen
(don't laugh too much, you may be a recipient of said card!)

So, we're back in Gulfport again. You can tell from the photos above that it is in fact December in Mississippi...jackets and all! It is cold down here, which I really wasn't expecting. Last night it got down to 34 Degrees, which is mighty cold when you live in a cinderblock palace without heat! Tonight it is supposed to drop to 26 Degrees! Good thing we have 279 million blankets in storage! And it is a great thing that I was able to get home for Thanksgiving in order to bring back coats, blankets and winter clothes. I can't believe I thought it would be warm in the South?! So please join me in praying for all of those who don't have cinderblock walls, winter coats or 279 million blankets to keep them warm tonight, or all winter long.

Winter is here. December is here. Bring it on, Mississippi!

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Linda said...

hey, you could have chosen NOT to watch white christmas.....and let's face it, you loved it!