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Monday, December 18, 2006

Go Skins!

Dad and I enjoyed the Skins victory in the Superdome this weekend! We had a full range of comments from Saints fans on our burgandy and gold jerseys. A man in the mall started it with, "Boo Redskins!", which was followed by another man in the stadium who caught me in the food line with, "We're going to eat us up some Redskins, today", but to me the winner was next man in the food line who quietly made eye contact with me and said, "Thanks for coming down here. It means a lot." Over-all there was a sentiment of gratitude from the city- that we'd come, spent our money, and contributed to their rebuilding effort. I had fun with Dad and the surprise Washington victory was a nice finish, but the true blessing of the day was getting to spend some time with the people of a great city, who are excited about bringing it back! And the beignets are tasty too!

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bigD said...

Is your dad Santa?! j/k