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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Queen of the Fish Fry

For a while now I've been telling everyone I meet that I think Mississippi's official state motto should be, "Welcome to Mississippi. We fry it!"

Those who knew me in college, are well aware of my love for the deep fryer, as proved by many late night trips to fraternity house kitchens. And my oldest niece and nephew call me Queen Erin, for they know me as the Queen Of All Things Fried.

But now that I live in Mississippi, I fear my crown is in danger. Everyone here owns a Fry-Daddy. They fry turkey, chicken, catfish, shrimp, crawfish, and who knows what else. I swear, they should put a deep fryer on their license plates.

Now I am one of them. Last Friday, a homeowner gave us some fish he'd caught in the bayou that morning and insisted that we also borrow his Fry-Daddy to prepare it properly. So, for our family dinner Sunday night, George taught me how to be a fish fryer!

I'm on the way back to my throne now.....

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