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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Ups and Downs of This Girl's Week.

I'm still in my jammies. Love it!
My belly is full of twizzlers, ice cream and pancakes. Love it!
It's noon.
I am writing this morning from my new favorite place in Gulfport: Casa de Teel. We had a ladies only slumber party last night. My roommate Brenna received some really bad news about a family member yesterday (please keep her family in your prayers) and we needed a ladies night to keep up the spirits. We went out to dinner at a fantastic BBQ joint in Ocean Springs, MS called THE SHED. It's a dumpster-diver's dream, fully of junk, characters, and great food. Then we rented movies, bought snacks and ice cream and loaded on to the couch. We had a full scale production of Moulin Rouge while watching the Moulin Rouge at 1 in the morning! I woke up this morning to pancakes and coffee worked up by one great Teel! Can you tell that I loved it?

The past 24 hours has been characteristic of the past week for me- full of ups and downs.
The highlights:
UP- The best Super Bowl party I've ever attended, complete with projection TV, watching the game outside, sitting by a fire, surrounded by great friends and fantastic volunteers.
DOWN- Crazy volunteers trying to move into my bedroom before I even moved out.
UP- Enjoying our new house with family (my roomies) and friends.
DOWN- Finding places to store all my junk in my teeny new apartment. How did I collect so much stuff all over again? Urg.
UP- Meeting new families, and getting to work on their behalf in order to secure funding for a new home!
DOWN- Detailed paperwork creates roadblocks.
UP- Fellowship Dinner and Prayer meeting with Handsboro this week really made me feel close to God and my Mississippi church family.
DOWN- There were only 10 people there- the rest of the congregation missed out!
UP- Making a new house covenant with my roomies- setting us up for 6 great months.
DOWN- Missing the Houma Mardi Gras parade.
UP- Spending time with three fabulously fun ladies in a warm, welcoming home.

Today, I am off to my first Mardi Gras parade. We're taking the Castleman kids to check out one of the 5 parades running here today. Happy Carnival Season, everyone...


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