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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine's Day Timeline- for your viewing pleasure.

6:45am Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.
6:55am Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.
7:05am Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.
7:15am Alarm goes off. Turn alarm off. Wait five more minutes in bed.
7:16am Notice that roommate is dressed up for Valentine’s Day. Tell her she looks cute.
7:20am Roommate leaves for work. Get out of bed. Stumble into living room. Join housemates in watching Good Morning America. Notice that this NEVER happened when we were living in the church. Huh. Very thankful for new apartment.
7:25am Check weather. Going to be cold. Various roommates leave for work.
7:30am Jump in shower. Get dressed. Head out to the church. Notice that I need to get gas today.
7:55am Arrive at work. Greet various volunteers and staff. Think about grabbing a snack. Remember that I need to get paperwork ready for this morning’s home visit. And directions. Need directions.
8:05am Try to get on the Internet. Nope. Sort paperwork until Office Manager arrives. Then get on Internet, for directions and quickly send some emails...some Valentine’s Day emails.
8:30am Run out for home visit. Talk with homeowner about how we can help. This house is just down the street from one of our volunteer sites. It would be a great rainy-day job for them. Decide to drive by the church and drop off this case file immediately so homeowner can get help soon. Say a quick prayer for the homeowner in the driveway before taking off.
9:40am Arrive at the other church. Greet staff. Get excited because the Internet is working here. Finish paperwork on this morning’s home visit and get it to housemate who works at this church. Minor glitch with the printing, but housemate helps me out. Notice that housemate seems to be in a good mood, must be because of all that extra sleep last night. Talk with site manager about another homeowner. Send a few work emails. Quickly check www.people.com to make sure I haven’t missed anything crucial in the celebrity world overnight.
10:20am Off to Handsboro. I have office hours there all day today.
10:30am Check voicemails. Return calls. Prep cases for Long Term Recovery funding committee. More phone calls. More paperwork. Deal with major office crisis of this day. Call happy housemate to verbally process said crisis. Neither of us too happy at the moment. Eat. Receive call from housemate who saw some guy at a restaurant (a guy who asked housemate to dance that night, several times) and today saw the same guy on a Mississippi’s Most Wanted poster. Yikes. Laugh with housemate. Get mail- gift from my sister, and a check from another sister. I love them! Run to the bank to cash check (gas money!!!). Notice that everyone at the bank has a dozen roses. Comment to bank staff about how loved they all must be. Run back to work. More phone calls. Organizing files. More phone calls. Scheduling home visits for next week. Receive phone call from housemate who went home this week for family emergency. Chat with her. Miss her. Say a quick prayer for her. Get word of some agency willing to pay for skilled labor (electricians, plumbers, HVAC). Make a few calls to hunt down info. Get excited!
5:45pm WHAT? Where did the day go? Quickly set up files for the four home visits I have scheduled for tomorrow. Sister calls as I am running out the door. Niece and nephew are cute on the phone- but I really can’t tell what they are saying. Love them lots, though.
6:20pm Pick up roommate at church down the street. Urg, I still need gas. Hope we don’t run out. Pick up housemate at apartment. Drive to church #4 of today- the Baptist Church down the street where another housemate is cooking the Valentine’s Dinner for the congregation.
6:35pm Arrive at church. It’s so cute! Housemate is in his element in that big kitchen! Visit with church folks. Notice that me and my three housemates drop the average age in the room down about 40 years. Vote for King and Queen of the Valentine’s Dinner. Eat. Wow! Remember what a great chef housemate is. Eat serving number two. Take prom-style photo with housemates. Beg housemate to get the photo by email so I can have a copy. Wash a whole lot of dishes. Wash silverware twice because church member accidentally dumped the clean stuff back into the dirty water. Laugh to keep from crying. Wash more dishes. Housemate spills blue all over the kitchen and another housemate’s white shirt. Laugh with her to keep from crying. Some dad comes up to me and makes his 3-year-old apologize for eating my bag of candy hearts. Grab leftovers and get ready to leave. Spill purple all over the floor. Clean floor. Laugh with blue-covered housemate to keep from crying again. Remembered that it was just about an hour ago, during the coronation ceremony and yummy dinner when I said that it was the best Valentine’s Dinner ever. Chuckle.
8:30pm Go home. Grrr- still no gas. Amazed that we're still running. Discuss whether or not to rent a chick flick. Can’t decide. Remember LOST is on tonight.
8:35pm Talk with roommate about the roses she received and another card she received. Happy Valentine’s Day to her!
9:00pm SHARP! LOST. Housemates gather. LOST is good.
10:00pm GOOD LOST. Thankful that ABC is one of the three channels we receive.
10:10pm Phone call. Talk with housemate in NJ about how good LOST was tonight.
10:20pm Phone calls. Talk with GCM friends about Friday’s Mardi Gras Ball. Good plans made.
10:39pm Settle in with housemate for some OC on DVD since we never went to rent a chick flick. I only have three episodes left in season two. Watch them all. Oops. Didn’t mean to stay up this late. But the show was good and I needed to know!
1:00am Turn off lights, lock doors and hit the bed. It was a great Valentine’s Day!

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Brenna said...

I feel like there are important details missing from this blog such as what said crisis was and who is dating a felon. Hmm...I'll have to get caught up when I get back.

Miss you tons!