I started this blog to keep my church, friends and family updated on my year volunteering in Katrina recovery with the Presbyterian Church (USA). I've now signed on for a second year working in disaster recovery and another year living in Mississippi. It's getting good....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another good day....could this be a pattern?

Today turned out to be a great one. I went to a meeting where I didn't get what I wanted, but I got some creative ideas on how to move forward with what I want.

I stopped by Orange Grove to check in on a friend who works there with PDA and she gave me snacks! I love snacks!

Then I had some frustrating office hours where I didn't get done all of what I wanted to get done, but I did get a good lead on some other work and was flexible enough to change my schedule which allowed me to go on some really wonderful home visits this afternoon. Whew.

It is rare here that I go to some one's home and they need one thing and I have just that one thing to offer them. Today was that day. I think I found someone who we can really, really help. And that makes the helper in me feel great.

After work I had a play date with the pastor's 5-year-old daughter. Being around those kids helps me gain a little perspective. And they're just about as fun and as cute as you can get. Then Rebecca offered me dinner and it was yum!

Now I am home in my clean, comfortable, quiet house where we have Internet access which makes me happy because it means I can finally catch up on last week's LOST episode.

Oh, did I mention that it was sunny and about 72 degrees here today?

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