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Monday, September 25, 2006

Family Day at Handsboro (9/24/06)

Sunday was a quiet one at Handsboro. I went to two worship services in the building.

The 9am service with St. Peter's By the Sea Episcopal Church (they have been worshiping at Handsboro Pres. since their church was destroyed by the storm) was beautiful. Sara, the priest, reminded us all that "we can't earn God's love, but that we should strive to experience His love". That really spoke to me this week.

The 11am service with Handsboro Pres. was a bit more casual. Rev. Scott Castleman preached on the power of Christ's love and our awareness and acknowledgement of that power. I felt that the piggy back of sermons flowed quite well today and was glad to have been present for both messages.

Then, I worshiped at the altar of the NFL for several hours. We didn't get to see the Skins game, but I did see some fantastic highlights. Hurray for the Burgundy and Gold!

We finished the day with family night- all 6 roommates eating dinner, sharing bible study, and finishing with a wild round of Cranium. It was our first family night, and in my opinion, a smashing success. However, my opinion is tainted by the glow of victory on the Cranium board.

This will be a short week as I am leaving on Wednesday morning to return to Maryland for the MS Challenge Walk. My roommates are also all leaving on Wednesday for a few days of training with PCUSA at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. And, finally, one of my roommates will be traveling home to Michigan to attend the funeral of a dear friend this week. I hope you all will join me in praying for the safe travels of our crew, in all different directions.

Love and Peace,

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