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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Seen and heard at Jazz Fest this weekend.....

"Where should we park?"
"I can't believe this apartment!"
"Did anyone get the blankets?"
"Um, you got a ticket."
"They're leaking. The Ziplocs are leaking."
"No, we're over by the flying pork chop."
"Wanna go see that Billy Joel daughter girl?"
"Ling knows all the words."
"I can't go out."
"No, I'm gonna rally."
"Do you think they'll play Bon Jovi?"
"That's too many stairs."
"I'll just sleep here."
"Who's sleeping outside?"
"Is some one out there singing? It's 7am!"
"My car's not there."
"He kicked the chair! Jerry Lee kicked the chair!"
"2:00 was not a good hour for us."
"Are you by the underwear flag?"
"We're not at the same stage!"
"My foot smells like a sewer."
"I'm not going back for the grapefruits!"
For more photos, click here!


Orhan Kahn said...

Sounds like alot of fun was had.

Linda said...

for the record, i think i might get hepatitis from whatever kind of water i stepped in (that smells like a sewer) and grapefruits are not worth braving jackson square for!