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Friday, April 27, 2007

My Lucky Day

How lucky am I that I get to see some of my favorite people at their best, all in one day?

Today I had the joy of spending some quality work time with one of my housemates who really cares a whole lot about this community and the work we're trying to do here. He's been having a hard time at work recently (to state it lightly) and today I saw hope and love and ideas and even some fun spinning again in that busy mind of his.

Then I checked email and found congress starting to take some action and FEMA starting to take some action and got excited that our dear elected officials might be starting to do their jobs in Washington.

Next, I was lucky enough to be invited to a showcase of sorts at another housemate's job- her after-school program. The kids were so proud of themselves and were all having so much fun. And I could see how much hard work and love my housemate had put in to the afternoon. She's really given them such a gift, and for me it was a gift just to witness that.

Next, I snuck off to dinner and I got to see a friend do something she does very well- play hostest to her favorite church folks. Everyone was welcome at that table...especially that cheese dip!

I ended my great day with a visit to a special four legged friend who excels at leaning in for me to pet and love on him.

One more day at work for me and then Jazz Fest.....may the luck continue......

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