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Monday, April 02, 2007

Case of the Mundays....

7:15am Off to Church and then to Pascagoula (25 miles east of Gulfport) for the Rebuild Jackson County meeting.
10:00am Two meetings down, hit Gautier to stop in on a friend who works for PDA over there. 10:03am Friend has the day off. Darn.
10:35am Back at church, but just for 15 minutes then I HAVE to go. Frantically check email and try to figure out what is going on with this odd grant application that is due today. Receive call from lovely youth leader in NY who is working with a team of first and second graders to raise money to buy furniture for a little girl for who's family we're currently building a house. Receive a surprise drop-in visit from a man with whom I've been working through Handsboro's homeless ministry. He just popped in to volunteer today and is looking for a rake. Receive a call from downstairs that one of our homeowners has stopped in to see me. Go downstairs to speak with homeowner and end up in theological discussion over forgiveness, anger and love. Hum...(see yesterday's post).
12:45pm What happened to 15minutes?! Ah. Got to get to Diamondhead. Take the mini-van because my car is out of gas again. First, must run home for quick food intake.
1:00pm Eat lunch with lovely housemate. Have funny conversation. Yay for the day.
1:20pm Out the door for Diamondhead (20 miles west of Gulfport) to visit a homeowner. Discuss his very complicated rebuilding problems. Stress. Pray. Drive to the church in Diamondhead to visit housemate/coworker. Sitting in a tent outside the church, annoyed that someone has interrupted our conversation, I randomly check my email. Get angry that I can check my email in a freaking tent in Diamondhead but not in my freaking office. Am struggling to move past that when I read that I was given bad information or misunderstood information earlier and that I really can apply for that odd grant for some homeowners. Frantically work with housemate/coworker to complete grant application. Conveniently forget that I am supposed to be back early to put a casserole in the oven for the last night of my women's bible study.
4:30 pm Remember that I am supposed to be back early to put a casserole in the oven for the last night of my women's bible study. Crap. Oh, and never mind about those two other home visits I had planned for today.
4:32pm Blow out of Diamondhead.
5:00pm Arrive at Handsboro, run up to the church to turn in the van keys. Find a bunch of phone messages on my desk- Erin call this homeowner, Erin call this homeowner, Erin call this homeowner, Erin call dear Gautier friend, he misses you. Chuckle over sweet note. Ask boss if I can hang on to the keys to the mini-van in case I don't have time to gas up my car in the morning. Boss says okay.
5:15pm Go to load up the little green car and spot ANOTHER FLAT TIRE. (The 4th this year for anyone counting.) Fight off the urge to give in to the full temper-tantrum I deserve. Grab my stuff and start walking home.
5:23pm Arrive home. No time to reheat casserole. Pull out sandwich tray left-over from Episcopal not-so-young-adult party. Finish bible study. Frost Brenna's cake.

6:15pm Off to bible study. Show up frazzled and frustrated. It shows. Receive big hug from bible study host, and local resident. Immediately put back in my place. I have no reason to be this frazzled when I chose to come down here and help out. Decide to get over myself. Enjoy two and a half hours of conversation, fellowship and food with 5 lovely women.
9:00pm Run off to meet up with friends to watch the NCAA Final at Orange Grove PDA camp. Saddened by the lack of Big Boppers (my favorite PDA ice cream treat) but enjoying the company of friends. Also read a little while watching the game- come on- I came in at the second half when it was really already over.
10-something pm Put a toolbox on my lap when I get into a big red truck for the ride home with three boys to my double-wide by the bayou. I would write about the conversation, but it simply isn't appropriate for blogging. I will say that it was appropriate for the situation (read: truck, tool box, three boys, double-wide= my Mississippi Life).
11-something pm Home at last. Ready for blog, book, Gilmore Girls and bed. Tell the Bobs to analyze that!
PS- Where is my stapler?

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