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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

While I was on vacation...

I arrived back in Gulfport today. I had been on the Grand Erin Vacation Tour of 2008. There were no groupies, but there were some pretty fine buses. Here's what happened over the past 12 days (photos to come)....

... I saw Stevie Wonder perform live at the Taste of Chicago.

... I totally fell in love with Park City, Utah.

... I taught countless little munchkins how to fly by their ears on our family vacation.

... my oldest, dearest, most amazingly talented friend married the sweetest man I've ever met, on the most beautiful day New England had to offer in the most fantastic setting possible. I cried. Lots. It was so perfect.

... I dipped my tootsies in the Provo River, the Atlantic Ocean, and Lake Michigan.

... Lauren and I found an apartment in Chicago! It's amazing- perfect size, heat included, located in the heart of Hyde Park, just 3 blocks from Lake Michigan and the express bus downtown stops out our front door. Now, if I can just get Eddie's weight down so we can be accepted as legal residents under their pet policy...

... my brother-in-law and I hiked a mountain, starting at 10,000+ feet, and were greeted at the top by not one, but two herds of mountain goats.

... I sailed on the Charles River and saw the lights of Fenway from the boat!

... while roasting marshmallows around a campfire, my nephew introduced me to the phrase, "Ponce Pon a time...." which is how I will now be starting ALL stories.

... I toured a Smart (Green) House, a Fairy Mansion and a U-Boat at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

... I got to see my college roommate in the house she now owns- all on her own!

... I rode the world's fastest zip line (50 mph) while visiting the Utah Olympic Park!

... I was transported about on 7 planes, 10 trains, 7 buses, 1 cab, and 1 fifteen-passenger van with an overheating problem.

... I enjoyed ZERO slurpees!?!?! AH! What happened? In each of the three states I visited I'd planned to hit up a 7-11 (we don't have 'em here in Mississippi) for my favorite slushy treat, but some how it never happened. What was I thinking?

... I started planning two big, international trips for this fall! I can't wait to have some time off when I am done on the coast to let loose and travel again!

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Linda said...

thanks for sharing the stories and pictures! i'm glad you got a break and got to spend time with such wonderful folks!