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Friday, February 08, 2008

Lost Day

Today began just as calm as any other day- no heat running out in the middle of the night, no evacuation calls at 3 am, no cat-fight at a long term recovery meeting- but sparked up before lunch then just kept rolling.

We're having major changes at one village that needed to be dealt with immediately. I missed a going away lunch with two friends to tend to some of the changes. Then a few jobs I thought we lined up for another village fell through, so it is back to the scramble of finding more funded work for the massive (awesome) amount of volunteers coming in next month. I know- it is a terrible problem to have, right?

I ran home at 5pm to walk the dog and make an attempt at sorting my insanely large collection of Mardi Gras beads when I looked up and realized that it was time to go for dinner. My bud Kerry and I went to Handsboro (the church where we both lived/worked/worshiped last year) for dinner. We followed that with some quality play time with the Castleman kids and 4 hours of watching LOST on TiVo with Scott and Rebecca. We'd held off watching the premiere last week because Rebecca was out of town, so we all had to catch up.

Now it is after midnight and I am goofing off online in hopes of releasing some of the knots in my stomach before settling into bed.

Where did the hours go???

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Linda said...

I just watched last nights episode!!! It's fantastic and so crazy!!